Angelrauwok Distro is up and running!

After months of preparation, planning, and clandestinely printing out hundreds upon hundreds of zines, Angelrauwok Distro is finally ready to go!

It took me a long time to figure out what direction I wanted this project to go in, and I’m still not exactly sure where that is. The difficulty in choosing a focal point is the fact that we as a community, are facing such a staggeringly large number of issues. Those issues are as diverse as this ecosystem we all exist in; some are more pressing than others, but they are all things that need our attention, and they need it now. One of the catastrophic results of globalization is that local issues don’t exist anymore, at least not in the same context that they once did. The ramifications of what happens here in the Pacific Northwest can now very easily be felt on the other side of the world. Just as seemingly isolated issues on the other side of the world can be felt here in our local communities. It may take some time, but be certain that your action, or your inaction, is being felt on a global scale.

Why the word “angelrauwok”? It’s an intimidating word to pronounce for many of us, but don’t be fooled, the sentiment is simple enough. It’s actually more of a concept really, the concept of “returning home”, of coming back to the earth. The indigenous tribes of the arctic regions of what is now Canada, the Inuit, understood this concept very well. It’s a beautiful notion, but it’s something that has lost it’s meaning entirely to most of us. We have strayed far as a civilization; we have detached ourselves from reality. Separated ourselves from the trees, the rivers, the oceans, the air, the earth and the sky around us. The most frightening thing of all, is that we have completely separated our actions from their consequences. The idea of responsibility has become about as meaningless and abstract as this culture we’re living in. A culture of murder, a culture of rape, and most importantly, a culture that is inherently suicidal. It all needs to stop, and we need to make it stop, because it will never relinquish on it’s own. It will continue until it’s consumed every last resource, until there’s nothing left. There simply are no other options left at this point.

At the beginning of this introduction, I called this “my” project, but that’s misleading. I want this to be “our” project. All of us. Every last one of you. I spent many sleepless nights despairing in deep deep sadness about what’s happening to us, what’s happening to the world. The crippling helplessness that many of us feel often leads to a sense of total apathy. I have been so incredibly guilty of this apathy, but that is changing. There is hope. I began to realize that hope existed when I began to see so many others feeling just as angry and frightened as I was. That understanding brought me to a critical realization.

I am not crazy. This culture is crazy, and this culture is trying to beat me down by attempting to convince me that I’m the one that needs to be fixed. That I’m the one who’s broken.

I hope a lot of people get involved with this, I really do! It’s time for action, and it’s time for education! I’ll be providing a more general framework for upcoming tabling events and actions in the near future.



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